Small update in Scraproom

Small update in Scraproom

Since I remade my blog a bit I browsed through my pages and links and find out that it was a while since I’ve update my scraproom / studio! At least pictures of it. But not much have happened in here actually, it’s mostly the same as those last pictures shows. Just minor changes.
One of them is in my “die cutting area”. I’ve placed IKEA Expedit there and put all my dies over there. (Some of them where in another shelf in the room – not logical!)

My link in the meny takes you to the page about my studio through the years – you have been warned, it has grown and it’s not always the most beautiful pictures. ROFL

So this is what my cutting area looks like now. It’s not newly chaned, I had it like this over a year I think, I just haven’t taken any pictures to update in here. *smile*


It’s not the best, but it works so far, even though I have to round my table to get there. At least it means I have to walk a few steps extra every time and I guess that’s good. LOL.

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