Canvas for the “Breath of Nature”

Canvas for the “Breath of Nature”

The third challenge at Mixed Media & Art is called Breath of Nature.
This time you need to have these things on your piece of art:

Natural materials – no scrap material
Letters – in any form

The first one is a bit more tricky then you can thought from start. Especially if the nature is rainy and wet… I had some ideas but had to change my mind when getting out there… and it ended up with grabbing some small sticks. I had to dry them though in our boilder room so I could use them!

So, my project this time became a canvas!

This is while painting the sticks with white Gesso…

Sentence: Chipboard (Snip Art), Sticker (Tim H)
Embellishments: Nature Sticks, Art Stones, Cheesecloth, Polishing Tangle, Jute string, thread
Tools: Cloud stencil (Dutch Dobadoo)
Medium: Gesso, White Crackle medium, Gel Medium, Wax (Prima)
Colors: Acrylic Sparkles (Prima), Rainbow Ink (13 arts), Magical shakers (Lindy’s Gang)

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